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11'23"  video instllation

In 2020, the state of emergency was lifted and I went to the beach after a long time and got a bad sunburn. My skin burns and the dead skin gradually lift. The texture of the skin resembled the larvae of silkworms I used to touch, then I started to raising silkworms. The experience of raising silkworms was somehow intense for me. From the beginning to the end, I made observations in my own hands. Before long, my thoughts and body felt vaguely cramped, as if wound up in the silkworm's thread. I do not know whether I'm going to cast off the skin or cocoon. But I remember the comforts of them I left behind.

In September 2023, I moved from Tokyo to Amsterdam. I’m still in a blurry place. I make words and images as if I were touching the blurry place. When I do this, there are moments when I locally see details very clearly. It could be just my imagination, or I might realize the next day that I'm mistaken. In my daily life I feel their touch and connect with them. I want that connection to be loose and flexible and a little bit strong. I know It may be too convenient, but I feel like it would save me.

Rijksakademie Open Studios 2023 

My parents' job is pixelation to hide genital parts of pornographic videos. In Japan, we call this pixelation 'mosaic'. Therefore, I feel this word has the image of blurring or hiding. In English it is the image of fine fragments coming together to form one thing.

​I take photos and videos, and write texts on a daily basis. So that I can reflect on the texture of daily life. I made this video by composing these fragments, like making a mosaic.

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