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6'23"  video instllation

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2 人で一緒に生活している3組の人たちに、” 大切にしているもの、もしくはそのかけら” を探してもらい、




In this video, Tried to open up a personal experience of eating and digesting.

The moving objects in the video are the 'important things' of the two people.

I picked up a beautiful piece of debris that I happened to see at Yuriage Beach in Miyagi Prefecture

when I was taken by partner.When you trace the surface, it looks like a piece of tile. The entrance, the

bathroom and the kitchen are slippery, so I guess they are wet areas.

The glassy section remains sharp. imagine a fragment of memory. The earth is piled up, the

breakwater is built, and the time around is moving, but This fragment is slow as if it were stopped.

It is a close and far piece of reality, and I found it stuck in the back of my throat.


I walk along the coast. It reminds me of the digestion of birds when stones collide and shave little by

little in the waves. Birds have no teeth. It is a digestive organ called gizzard, and you grind what you

swallow with sand or pebbles. Indigestible pebbles help digest food. Then the sea began to seem like

a large digestive organ.

Artists in FAS 2020

2020/1/30~2021/3/21  *​緊急事態宣言の影響で3/9~3/21に開催変更


画像提供:藤沢市アートスペース  撮影:熊野淳司
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