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11'28"  video instllation

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People cook before they eat. cut into small pieces or make into a paste or boil or bake. If it is to make food edible and digestible, cooking is part of digestion. We use tools to make it easier to eat. They range from cooking utensils to eating utensils.


I remember picking up my grandfather’s bones with chopsticks after the cremation. This is called 'Kotsuage'. After that, we had a banquet together, talking about our grandfather and eating with chopsticks. It felt as if the Kotsuage was still going on, and the urn was a part of our body.

Stones colliding with each other in the sea waves and shaving little by little reminds me of the bird’s digestion. Birds have no teeth. They grind the swallowed food with sand and pebbles in a digestive organ called a gizzard.Indigestible pebbles help digest food. Then the sea began to seem like a large digestive organ.


Birds is groom their beaks and feed their chicks. Even if they are not as soft as human hands, they can move very delicately. Chopsticks that entered the mouth turned into beaks and appeared in front of me.

Artists in FAS 2020

2020/1/30~2021/3/21  *​緊急事態宣言の影響で3/9~3/21に開催変更

画像提供:藤沢市アートスペース  撮影:熊野淳司
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