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​Ceramic, stone, wood, solt, some vegetables 


I made them to use as vessels for making pickles. They are also urns for bones, burial jars, and vessels for life, including our bodies. When fermentation occurs, the jar becomes a habitat for microorganisms. When making pickles, I put some vegetables and salt into the jar and press them with weight. The water from the vegetables then seeps out, and the salty water overflow from its eyes. 

I remember picking up my grandfather’s bones with chopsticks after the cremation. This is called 'Kotsuage'. After that, we had a banquet together, talking about our grandfather and eating with chopsticks. It felt as if the Kotsuage was still going on, and the urn was a part of our body.

​Rijksakademie Open Studios 2024

​Faint of Heart 21/10/2023~16/12/2023

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